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of the fourth pl??enary session of the 19t5

h CPC Central Committee, which was held in la??te October. Noting that the primary level is the foundation of all th??e military's work and combat capability, Xi said the Party has always?? attached great significance to military construction at the primary ??level, and the principle of relying on and strengthening the military?? at the primary level must never be neglected no m

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ed for efforts to forge a primary-level milk

itary?? that listens to and follows the Party, and make sure that the Party'??s absolute leadership over the military reaches the primary level and?? all military personnel. Xi also stressed efforts to build the milita??ry at the primary level into a force that is capable of fighting and ??winning and sticks to the criterion of combat capability with good di??scipline and integrity. Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia, both members of ??the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice-chairmen o??f the CMC, attended the meeting and put forward requirements on imple??menting the spirit of Xi's speech and strengthening military construc??tion at the primary level in the new era.I